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Low Libido

Herbal Products for Low Libido

Male Low libido refers to men that have a low sex drive. This particular sensation basically refers to men not feeling like they want to have sex or even masturbate.  This is considered a male sexual dysfunction which is caused by dropping of hormone levels, medicine, or other psychological issues.  If you have a recurring lack of interest in sex you can have a look at the Low libido products below. All of these amazing herbal products were designed to ref up you male sexual urges.

What is Low Libido?

According to various studies, woman sees men as extremely “sexual animals” which always ready to go. Even doctors have classified men as so called “sexual automatons”, which basically declares that a man is always ready to go, always ready for sex.
Obviously this is not true; in fact 25% of all men have lower than normal sexual desires. These men would rather not have sex and would actually want to avoid sexual intercourse.

Sexual dysfunction among men is not a phrase you will hear every day but according to various Sexual medicine studies over 31% of females have mentioned that they have a bigger need to for sex than their male partner.

What cause a low libido sex drive?

There are many causes for a low sex drive. Aging can play a major part but studies have mentioned that a deminishing libido is caused by medical problems, hormonal changes or psychological stress.

Dropping of hormone levels

As men grow older they tend to produce less testosterone which is the male sex hormone. This specific hormone controls the male sexual desire for his partner. If the body produces less testosterone than normal it can lead to a lower sex drive. As mentioned above, lower than normal testosterone levels take a bit of a dip as the male gets older. products were developed to increase low levels of testosterone and provide that vigor that is needed to perform at your best.